Supervision & Training for Professionals


I supervise and consult to teams, agencies, and individual practitioners on therapeutic cases and in particular, working with parents in the context of difficult child and family cases.

I also work with teachers, midwives, nursing, medical and other professionals who deal with parents in their work and want to understand and work more effectively with them.

The chance to reflect on practice and apply new ideas, theories and methods can be inspiring and help move past impasses and blind spots in clinical work. This is particularly helpful in the case of working with parents as most professionals have not been exposed to specialised theory and methods for working with parents, even though parents are one of our most complex kinds of client. We know a lot about what children need from parents, but not so much about how to best reach and work with parents.

What do parents need, and what motivates them in a helping relationship? How can we think about the parents perspective while still being concerned about the needs of the child? What kind of team dynamics get stirred up in working with parent and how can these be addressed? How can parents best be reached in the contexts of school, health or mental health clinics, or in the context of difficult child protection cases with all of the dilemma’s and questions about safety?

For more about my work on each of these topics, see descriptions elsewhere on the website.

For supervision and consultation, I am available for individual and group sessions, on site at your agency, or at my practice in Amsterdam West. For enquiries please use the contact form on this site.