Individual therapy

Therapy works differently for different people and issues. In the core, my approach is about helping you make sense of yourself, your feelings, your life, and your relationships. You might discover or come to understand feelings that were troubling, or find yourself feeling more connected with a sense of inner truth, which in turn facilitates a greater sense of meaning and purpose in life. This can lead to more self-confidence, emotional freedom, becoming more able to relax and enjoy, or to better tolerate the ups and downs of your life, job, or relationship.

We all have what I call our ‘identity homes’, where we feel the most sense of authenticity, identifying and belonging as if at ‘home’. These partly consist of the textured layers of ethnic and sociocultural identifications, languages and places we have inhabited, family traditions, and other defining features of our social and sensory landscape past and present. ‘Identity homes’ also consist of our most intimate, primary experiences of feeling seen, valued and understood for who we are, and what our potential is; the experience of being accurately and securely held in the mind of a parent, spouse, or other important person.

For enquiries about therapeutic consultation, please use the contact form on this site or call me on 0651 074 437. My practice is located in Amsterdam west.