Therapy practice


I work with couples and individuals, providing short and long term therapy for a broad range of problems including depression, anxiety, parenting and relationship problems, loss of meaning or direction in life, and traumatic experiences. I have particular expertise in the psychology of parenthood, couples therapy, non-mainstream sexual orientations, trauma and abuse, cultural complexity and other complex or non-mainstream identities. I am also certified in the use of the Myers Briggs Type Inventory, and I am trained to work with couples in the method of Collaborative Divorce.

As a therapist I draw on an accumulation of many ideas and approaches I’ve studied and used over 25 years and at this point I operate mostly from an intuitive sense of what fits best with the person I’m seeing.

How does therapy work?

In recent years, neuroaffective science and brain imaging have shown what therapeutic wisdom has long held to be true: The process of therapy enhances the development and organisation of complex structures in the brain.

This complexity should not be confused with the disorganized and meaningless chaos people associate with ‘making things complicated’, but rather is a richly organised, or what I call ‘coherent complexity’. This is the difference between meaningless disorganisation, seeing things in black and white, and seeing them in many shades of color.In other words, talking, feeling and thinking things through in a therapeutic relationship can lead to a more grounded, authentic, and coherent sense of yourself, your relationships and the complexities of life.

For enquiries about therapeutic consultation, please use the contact form on this site or call me on 0651 074 437. My practice is located in Amsterdam west.