Individual Coaching

Using one or more of three of the approaches I write about under ‘organisational consulting’–Group relations theory, Jungian typology (Myers Briggs Type Inventory) and , I work with individuals in coaching. Depending on the issue being worked on, I may apply one or a combination of these techniques.

For example, from the group relations framework, I offer individual role consultation, where I help an individual to make sense of their role in an organisation in terms of what dynamics may be operating under the surface, and to find ways to take up their own authority effectively within that situation.

Or I may use MBTI to coach an individual who may or may not already have taken part of a team training (often I get requests for individual coaching to further explore issues that have arisen during group trainings).

In almost all of the possible permutations of what I do in individual coaching, the general framework of short term and goal oriented, characterises the work.

For more information or to set up a consultation, please use the contact form on this site or phone me on 0651 074 437.