My teaching experience spans both clinical and academic contexts.

I began supervising social work students in my community agency work in the USA, and went on to teach theory courses in on gender and sexuality to undergraduate psychology students at Birkbeck College in London, and personality theories at Webster University in Leiden. I supervised masters and doctoral research students from the Institute of Family Therapy in London, and later began teaching masters in counseling students at Webster University.

At Leiden University of Applied Science, I teach bachelors and masters students in the department of Social Work, as well as training teachers and giving workshops and lectures outside of the school to a wide variety of professional groups. For more on this teaching position, see ‘Lectorate in Leiden’.

My greatest interest in teaching is the juncture of theory and practice, or research and clinical work—supervising or teaching practitioners or practitioner researchers. I enjoy helping students make sense of theory in practice, and reflect theoretically about practice, rather than only focusing on pure theory or pure practice.